DEER PARK is a lively talent pool. A tailor-made service and discrete form of linking valuable professionals with attractive labour market players on the part of employees. We attract only the most suitable people to Deer Park. Discover sought-after profiles of both technical experts and managers in an exclusive environment.

I'm a company

Web platform for partner companies

DEER PARK is a unique virtual space created specifically for professionals in demand and for collaborating companies. Discrete for talents, exclusive for businesses.

Profiles already verified through a personal interview

DEER PARK offers highly demanded profiles, always verified and represented by an experienced headhunter. These people believe in us and are ready to become interested..

Source of hidden talents

Thanks to DEER PARK proactive and smart companies have a constant insight of dynamically changing portfolios of represented talents. In the field you may meet very rare individuals from IT, Finance, HR, Marketing, Banking, Sales or SSC.

Service covered by an experienced Recruiter

Converting a talent into a candidate requires personal care, a comfortable model of selection proceedings and attention to detail. DEER PARK increases your recruitment chances and helps build your reputation as an employer.

A recruitment tool with minimal time investment

Access to DEER PARK means having key data that give you a major competitive advantage at hand. A sophisticated way of providing feedback and market information moves company recruitment tactics to a higher level.

Cheaper resource than a staffing agency

Fixed reward for placement regardless of the candidate's salary.

How it works


We are offering you an option to acquire hidden talent from the job market at unrivalled conditions.

We bring you a way to utilize service of experienced Recruiters with minimal time and financial investment.

Take a look at the DEER PARK interface! The demo will show you how the platform works and the basic form of our terms and conditions.


Said about DEER PARK

„The system offers relevant talents on a high level whose evaluation has taken us much less time than with the competitors. The automatic e-mail notification enabled our quick action.“

Marek Gach

CTO & Co-Founder | Kurzor s.r.o.

„The platform is simple and easy and keeps developing. Every talent has an authorised representative so in the case of questions, I know who to contact even before giving my response. The price is a great advantage; it is fixed and lower than in case of standard HR agencies.“

Sylva Havířová

HR Manager | iXperta s.r.o.

„For us, it is clearly a perfect service, which we will gladly continue to use. I can recommend it to everybody who wants to save money on the HR and have everything clearly available online as it should be these days!“

Tomáš Beroun

Provozní ředitel | Onio s.r.o.

„The whole service is neatly wrapped in a package and the recruiter can thus simply pull the ribbon and see that inside, there is exactly what you wished for.“

Markéta Lőrinczy

Employee Care Manager | Phonexia s.r.o.

„What we like about DEER PARK is the minimum time spent on evaluation of the profile and the way we approach the talents whom we find strategically interesting. Therefore, we often have a chance to come into contact with top professionals whom we would otherwise obtain with great difficulties.“

Alena Krejčířová

Recruitment Lead | DixonsCarphone

„DEER PARK is the 21st century service. Innovative view of the matter, superior customer oriented service, attractive price of the services and above all, perfect proven candidates. Compared with the initial expectations (which were none; we only said "let's have a go at it"), DEER PARK is now generally known inside the company and feedback from my colleagues is also very positive. The team behind the DEER PARK is very professional and definitely one of our key partners in the area of recruiting.“

Jakub Orság

Software Development Manager | Oriflame Software

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