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I am Company

What we like about DEER PARK is the minimum time spent on evaluation of the profile and the way we approach the talents whom we find strategically interesting.... více

Alena Krejčířová

Recruitment Lead | DixonsCarphone

The whole service is neatly wrapped in a package and the recruiter can thus simply pull the ribbon and see that inside, there is exactly what you wished... více

Markéta Lőrinczy

Employee Care Manager | Phonexia s.r.o.

For us, it is clearly a perfect service, which we will gladly continue to use. I can recommend it to everybody who wants to save money on the HR and have... více

Tomáš Beroun

Provozní ředitel | Onio s.r.o.

The platform is simple and easy and keeps developing. Every talent has an authorised representative so in the case of questions, I know who to contact... více

Sylva Havířová

HR Manager | iXperta s.r.o.

The system offers relevant talents on a high level whose evaluation has taken us much less time than with the competitors. The automatic e-mail notification... více

Marek Gach

CTO & Co-Founder | Kurzor s.r.o.

DEER PARK appealed to me with the chance to address more companies through a single anonymous profile. I liked the fact that the companies have to give... více

QA Engineer

QA Engineer | Wandera


Obtain a source of verified offers

I am Talent

DEER PARK is a completely new approach, which effectively connects the needs of the client and the company. Instead of sending CVs and looking for a compromise... více

Tomáš Vobecký

CFO | Onio

In DEER PARK, discretion is in first place and the important aspect is the truly objective view of the given company to which the profile is presented.... více

Lukáš Křížek

Senior Service Architect | Tieto

I am utterly pleased with the service of the Wolf Hunt office, in particular the DEER PARK service, which, I believe, has no equal in the labour market... více

Hana Kolibová

Technical Writer |

What I liked about DEER PARK was anonymity and the natural character of the service. In the first phase, the headhunter went through all relevant firms... více

Lukáš Bednařík

Software Developer & Researcher | Phonexia

At DEER PARK, I especially appreciate the personal and professional approach of the head hunter. Once the profile had been tailored to me, the head hunter... více


Senior Software Engineer | Oracle

Using the DEER PARK platform is quite different from cooperation with personnel agencies, who want you to agree on one of their offers. First they determine... více


Senior Java Developer | Phonexia

It may sound like a cliché, but through DEER PARK and the people behind it, I found the perfect job where I can combine project management with close... více

Lucie Maříková

Project Manager | iXperta

In DEER PARK, they know how to ask in order to reveal your potential. You will come into contact only with offers that are closer to your expectations.... více

Jiřina Puskajlerová

Release Engineer | Oriflame Software