DEER PARK is a modern form of interconnection between the sought-after talent and verified companies. Allow an experienced headhunter to represent you discretely and receive authentic feedback on your Skillset within 14 days. DEER PARK is a single channel for more offers, a predetermined process and a time-saver.

I'm a talent

Regulated and moderated environment

In DEER PARK are only employs workers we have nominated and verified. You cannot register to the platform alone. All communication is handled by an experienced headhunter.

Time savings

In DEER PARK you do not have to fill out anything or write to anyone. Actually, you do not have to even go to DEER PARK ... your headhunter represents you at all times.

Discrete form of presentation and guaranteed feedback

You are the director of the relevant service! Guaranteed feedback for your discreetly presented skillset - within 14 days and only from companies you choose yourself.

One channel for multiple offers and a predetermined process

DEER PARK aggregates only meaningful offers at one place for you and headhunter will help you to filter out those which are really relevant. The rules of the game are the same for all.

An ideal for passive search

You do not have to actively seek a new employment. Just be open to new opportunities! The reason for the change will come to you.

A modern and unique form of interconnection

DEER PARK is the first platform used to interconnect talents and companies and which introduces a “Human Touch”. It automates what may be automated, but its primary purpose is to build relationships. And you cannot do that without people.

DEER PARK is suitable for

  • Professionals from IT, Sales, Engineering, Marketing, HR, Finance or SSC
  • Talents who want to be represented in the market by an experienced headhunter
  • Active and passive candidates who are interested in getting involved with verified companies
  • Demanding applicants who require high candidate experience
  • Professionals with the required skillset

How it works

Ask for registration to DEER PARK

Fill out the DEER PARK registration request and our headhunter will get contact you immediately.

Meet the headhunter

Together you will create a discrete profile and choose the relevant companies based on your preferences.

The feedback is guaranteed

The headhunter will have feedback for you from all of the contacted companies within two weeks.

You are the DEER PARK stage manager

Do you like the offered position? With your approval, we will disclose you to the selected companies.
Without it, you remain anonymous and your active profile will disappear.

Meet each other!

The headhunter will continue to represent you in the selection procedure.
If a real offer arrives, he will always support you in the right decision.

Said about DEER PARK

„At DEER PARK, I especially appreciate the personal and professional approach of the head hunter. Once the profile had been tailored to me, the head hunter provided a truly superior service. I received all information about the companies that interested me and a schedule of appointments in exact compliance with my time preferences. The head hunter’s subsequent analysis of offers genuinely made my job search easier. Thanks to DEER PARK, companies knew about all my key characteristics. As a result, there were no unpleasant surprises during job interviews. All proposed connections proved to be relevant and fulfilled both my ideas and those of the companies that I passed through thanks to DEER PARK.“

Senior Software Engineer | Oracle

What I liked about DEER PARK was anonymity and the natural character of the service. In the first phase, the headhunter went through all relevant firms with me and provided me with a good overview of the labour market. In the second phase, I appreciated personal approach and excellent service where he helped me to aim at the most suitable companies through DEER PARK, thus eliminating many interviews on my own.“

Lukáš Bednařík

Software Developer & Researcher | Phonexia

„I am utterly pleased with the service of the Wolf Hunt office, in particular the DEER PARK service, which, I believe, has no equal in the labour market milieu. With its assistance, I found a job in a company where I would never have applied for a job because DEER PARK is able to interconnect the companies and the people on the basis of real current needs of both parties. One of the greatest added values of the DEER PARK service is anonymity and the chance to choose from a wide range of offers, without the ever repeated phrases of the job adverts that say nothing about the actual positions, people or the companies. The perfect, fast and personal approach is so refreshing that looking for a job is no more bothersome!“

Hana Kolibová

Technical Writer |

„In DEER PARK, discretion is in first place and the important aspect is the truly objective view of the given company to which the profile is presented. I appreciate the comfort of feedback via a single channel and the save of time and energy. Although I have been involved in IT for more than 12 years, with the help of the DEER PARK platform, I discovered more companies than those that I had already known. The personal approach and the consultant's service are the reasons why to recommend DEER PARK to anybody who considers a change of job. To put it in a single sentence: At last I had a feeling that it's me who is choosing a new employer and not vice versa.“

Lukáš Křížek

Senior Service Architect | Tieto

„In DEER PARK, they know how to ask in order to reveal your potential. You will come into contact only with offers that are closer to your expectations. You will learn information that you don't find in the brochures. You will save your time and nerves, which is a small miracle today.

Jiřina Puskajlerová

Release Engineer | Oriflame Software

„DEER PARK is a completely new approach, which effectively connects the needs of the client and the company. Instead of sending CVs and looking for a compromise in the adverts, I made a profile together with the headhunter, which was anonymously passed to the selected companies. Thanks to the guaranteed feedback, I had answers from all companies within two weeks. I very much appreciate the headhunter's personal approach and quick response to my questions. If you consider a new job with trustworthy approach, discretion and open talks, the DEER PARK service is the right choice.“

Tomáš Vobecký

CFO | Onio

„It may sound like a cliché, but through DEER PARK and the people behind it, I found the perfect job where I can combine project management with close cooperation with the customer. DEER PARK focuses on a full range of companies, from start-ups to corporates, so that everybody will find what they are looking for.“

Lucie Maříková

Project Manager | iXperta

„DEER PARK appealed to me with the chance to address more companies through a single anonymous profile. I liked the fact that the companies have to give feedback with a statement within 14 days. In case of interest, this almost always happens on the following day. The candidate learns about the firms that will be addressed after creation of a profile and then, he is in contact with his personal headhunter. Petr Nehyba informed me about each new bit of information even during the individual rounds of the interview. I recommend Deer Park for addressing the largest possible number of relevant companies in the shortest possible time.“

QA Engineer

QA Engineer | Wandera

„Using the DEER PARK platform is quite different from cooperation with personnel agencies, who want you to agree on one of their offers. First they determine how a perfect offer should look, and introduce to you companies that are relevant to your needs. Within 14 days they have a response stating which companies have matched your skill set. I appreciate that they communicate everything to you and that from the very start they are transparent and discreet. I can recommend Deer Park as a modern way to find out about interesting job opportunities.“


Senior Java Developer | Phonexia

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